Herald Opinion: People who drive for a living should exercise caution

SOMEONE who can count himself lucky this week is the cabbie who has kept his job, despite taking it upon himself to move an ambulance which was on call dealing with a sick baby.

The Herald reports this week on the council committee meeting which resulted in Neil Whitehorn keeping his private hire licence.

He had previously been given a conditional discharge at a court hearing last month and members of the licencing sub-committee decided not to take away his licence.

Instead they gave him a written warning and will keep a close eye on him over the next two years.

It is reasonable not to want to deprive the man of his living and it could be argued the council is right to avoid further punitive action.

However, the apparent lack of patience and impulsiveness shown by Mr Whitehorn is a cause for concern.

All drivers will inevitably encounter stressful situations and at times feel frustration with other road-users.

But surely people who drive for a living should exercise caution, patience and consideration for others, especially considering the amount of time they spend on the roads.

Let’s hope it also serves as a warning to other drivers who are tempted to do such a selfish and potentially dangerous thing.


STAFF at Eastbourne Borough Council are celebrating this week after the authority was named Council of the Year at a national award ceremony.

Credit where credit is due, managers at the council have done a good a job over the past 18 months and have sorted out the authorities finances, which were previously in a rare old state.

In 2009 the council was criticised by government inspectors and as a result the new administration carried out some far-reaching changes.

It appears they are doing a very good job with the council’s accounts and should be applauded.