Herald Opinion: Harbour plans... a bitter pill to swallow

SPARE a thought this week for the residents of Sovereign Harbour, who are facing the prospect of yet more development.

Eastbourne Borough Council has finally announced a series of improvements to the infrastructure of the area, including a purpose-built community centre, more green spaces, a business park, a playground and new shops.

But, and it’s a rather large but, the improvements will only come with the construction of more homes, potentially as many as 150.

The long-suffering homeowners at the harbour have historically been repeatedly let down by both developers and the borough council.

Few could argue they’ve been treated poorly over the past 20 or so years and the accepted opinion is that too many homes were built with too few services for residents.

Developers were quick to build the homes and take the profits but were less keen on providing anything like the appropriate facilities to accompany such a large-scale development.

The chairman of Sovereign Harbour Residents’ Association has welcomed the latest plans but it seems like a high price to pay for the kind of amenities which should have been provided years ago.

An all-party group is now trying to make the best of the few remaining plots in the harbour and MP Stephen Lloyd has said the plans are the “best possible result” for the harbour.

However, people living in the harbour may find it a rather bitter pill to swallow.


SUN Wars have broken out again in Eastbourne with the news that another resort has questioned the town’s claim to be the sunniest place in the UK.

Following a fair-weather fracas with Jersey, on the same topic, Eastbourne is now up against Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

The island’s council has said its resort deserves the epithet of the most sun-kissed venue.

Eastbourne’s tourism bosses are sticking to their guns and both sides are citing Met Office figures as evidence, although the Isle of Wight figures appear the more compelling of the two.

But what isn’t in doubt is Eastbourne is a fantastic place to live and residents can be guaranteed more sunshine than virtually everyone else in these fair isles.

God bless our micro-climate!