Herald Opinion: Eastbourne’s carnival is making a comeback!

Get set to string up the bunting, put out the flags and think of some crazy designs for floats. Eastbourne’s carnival is making a comeback!

In a week when summer again tried hard to peep through the clouds that have hung over most of July, the town got a much-needed boost.

It’s more than 20 years since the carnival graced the seafront, delighting visitors as much as locals and thrilling a generation of youngsters.

Now thanks to a fun initiative by MP Stephen Lloyd’s commission, the wheels are in motion for a revival of the event in May or June next year. Many town carnivals across the country have fallen victim in recent times to community apathy and dwindling sponsorship, along with the dreaded spectre of health and safety.

Eastbourne is now set to buck that trend and we should all back the idea enthusiastically. We’re a holiday town and a carnival should be part and parcel of our summer calendar.

There will be obstacles, of course. Not least from the H&S zealots. But for the good of the town, let’s hope for minimum fuss and maximum support.


IT IS clear from this week’s Care Quality Commission (CQC) report that the District General Hospital is still some way off being brought up to scratch.

There are still areas of care that are not good enough, but it is important to recognise the report also noted that improvements are being made. Whether they are being made quickly enough to meet the September 2 deadline is not clear. What is though, is that the trust’s chief executive Darren Grayson recognises the size of the task in hand.

Earlier this week he told board members the target should not be impressing the CQC but providing the basic level of care patients are entitled to. The “day job” as he called it. Mr Grayson says staff are working hard to raise standards - and we believe him.

The DGH may have let things slip, but hopefully you will join us in offering staff our utmost support - and confidence - that they will put things right.