Herald Opinion: Eastbourne is fast becoming one of the most popular sites for big budget movies to shoot

IS EASTBOURNE’S seafront better than Brighton’s?

The creators of Brighton Rock certainly think so and have joined the legions of fans who have praised the town’s glorious promenade and surrounding areas.

This week Eastbourne Pier, Cavendish Hotel and Beachy Head are all featured on the silver screen with the long-awaited release of a cinematic update of the Graham Greene classic.

The decision to ditch Brighton for some of the film’s most important scenes has created a bit of stir but it’s difficult to argue with the filmmakers’ logic, namely Brighton’s over-developed seafront no longer resembles a seafront from the 1960s.

Eastbourne residents are justifiably proud of the seafront which has escaped (mostly) the architectural excesses of latter half of the last century.

The producer of Brighton Rock told the Herald the seafront’s architecture was perfect for a sweeping camera shot with only the Eastbourne Centre spoiling the view.

We can also forgive one of the movie’s rising stars for describing the seafront as “antiquated”, given she was praising the town, let’s say she meant unspoilt.

Although the casual filmgoer may not twig that the sweeping vistas in the movie are Eastbourne, not Brighton, the national newspapers are certainly helping to spread the word by penning slightly surprised articles which - for once - don’t mention the phrase ‘God’s waiting room’.

Anything that boosts the town’s coffers - and raises awareness of the prom’s prettiness - is to be welcomed.

We may not be able to compete with Brighton when it comes to shopping or variety of nightlife, but Eastbourne certainly has plenty to offer - not least our picturesque prom.

The town is quickly becoming one of the most popular sites for big budget movies to shoot - recent films include Notes on a Scandal and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - and this can only enhance Eastbourne’s image.

See next week’s Herald for more photos of Brighton Rock during filming in Eastbourne.