Herald Opinion: Dig deep for Airbourne

“WHERE do we buy tickets for the airshow?”

A genuine inquiry that was made of the Eastbourne Herald offices this week by a couple spending a few days holiday in the town.

We might smile but we shouldn’t laugh at that comment. Because on any other airfield in any other part of the country – including our neighbours at Shoreham – an event of this size is one you would happily pay for.

It has been said many times before but, putting aside the sporadic grumbles over the traffic and the crowds, this event really is the biggest jewel in Eastbourne’s tourism crown.

And yet it all could have been so different. Three years on from the self-inflicted wounds of the ticket-to-the-beach fiasco, that we have an Airbourne show at all in 2011 is still a blessing.

If funding the event was difficult then, just think how tough it must have been this time around. Sponsorship has never been harder to find. Companies are watching every penny they spend.

And yet this spectacular show goes on.

Now in the blink of an eye Airbourne is again upon us, bringing with it the excitement of another four-day flying festival but also the anxiety for the borough council of balancing the books and pleasing the crowds.

So we make no apology for saying this.

All of our pockets have taken a tumble this year but dig as deep as you can to make that donation after you’ve enjoyed the sights and the sounds of this wonderful event.

It should never be taken for granted. Airbourne will be counting on your support as never before.

International tennis week this year proved the best ever. Let’s see the Red Arrows and Airbourne, 2011, blazing a similar trail.


MONEY is tighter than ever at the moment and we face difficult decisions about which charities to support and how much to give.

Almost every business in the town will have someone running a marathon for this cause, or jumping out of a plane for that charity.

There is one fundraiser though which deserves all our support. On Friday, August 26 the people of Eastbourne are being urged to wear purple for a day, in return for a £1 donation.

The cash will go to little Logan Prior, whose father Daniel was killed in action by a bomb while serving in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

He made the ultimate sacrifice and we owe it to him to make sure his family does not suffer. A £1 each is a small price to pay to make sure Logan has the sort of life his dad gave his life to protect.