Herald comment: Why the hot weather bring out the worst in people

The hot weather, it seems, has a tendency to bring the worst out in people.

Even our own language talks about “hotheads” with people “losing their cool”. And research in America supports the notion that violent crime rises during the hot weather.

Research at Florida State University over two years found that violent assaults increased in Minneapolis as temperatures rose towards the 80s. They attributed the change partly to “social opportunity” — when the temperature goes up, more people spend more time outside.

So the “Heatwave crimewave” headline gracing the front of today’s Herald should come as no surprise.

Some will suggest it’s disgraceful the town’s local paper is portraying such negative news at the height of the tourist season. Others may argue it is over sensationalised.

It is neither. We have simply reported facts, chronicling how police have this week been dealing with five separate serious incidents.

In fact one of these stories, concerning the charging of two men, following an anti-social behaviour crackdown in the town centre, is evidence how police are aware that there is an issue of violent crime at this time of year.

Police have served notice that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and are taking the initiative.

We make no apology for reporting the news and the crime which is having a direct impact on our town.