Herald comment: Why Airbourne is vital to our town

Eastbourne will have a happier face than ever as this weekend’s Airbourne unfolds - whatever the weather throws our way.

Taking a leaf out of last summer’s Olympics book, the town is unveiling its own version of the “Games Makers” who were such a hit on the streets of London.

So step forward Eastboine’s Greeters, a specially recruited group of 20 or more brightly-clad ambassadors with one simple ambition - to bring those visitors back!

It’s such a simple yet effective idea from theTown Team, who have joined up with the chamber of commerce and the Eastbourne Can group in an effort to make more of Airbourne.

The Greeters will bring a personal touch to guiding visitors to areas they may miss, such as Little Chelsea or the Terminus Road market.

Airbourne isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There will be the usual moans and groans about the noise, the traffic, the litter and the disruption.

But for the majority, it remains a fun part of Eastbourne’s summer - and an event, commercially, from which Eastbourne’s businesses need to squeeze every last penny.

So let’s applaud the Town Team, the hoteliers with their bucket collections, the council for its funding and the dozens of other volunteers. And let’s help the Greeters put on a huge smile this weekend and roll out a welcoming carpet to those much-needed visitors.