Herald Comment: parking charges should not be used as a stealth tax

The issue of parking has, and we suspect, always will be, a political hot potato and this week’s Herald shows just how often the issue affects people.

First we have the story of Morrisons telling its staff to park elsewhere so that customers visiting the new store are met with empty bays galore and not put off coming back. All well and good for the businesses, but not too great for the nearby roads which were gridlocked at various stages throughout the week – much to the frustration of other firms operating in the area.

Then there are the plans to introduce more controlled parking areas in the town – something which will never be a vote winner.

Lastly, there is the welcome news that a derelict piece of land near Hampden Park Station has been transformed into parking.

Three areas of the town – three different ways in which parking has an impact.

Paying to park is not a straight forward issue and there is no win, win answer.

However, we do demand that any money raised through these schemes is spent improving this town and not balancing cuts or being swallowed up elsewhere.

Parking charges should not be introduced as a secret tax by cash-strapped councils.