Herald comment: Maybe Eastbourne is weathering the economic storm after all

It will feel like Christmas come early for Eastbourne shoppers in the next week as the big supermarkets begin battling for the pound in our pockets.

It has felt at times this past week as though the blitz was upon us, as shelves were emptied and workmen scurried around making alteraions and improvements to the stores.

And it will be all to play for from next Monday with the town’s new Morrisons unveiling itself and all of their big rivals in the final stages of their own autumn makeovers.

For the jobs market it has been great news with the creation of dozens of new full and part-time positions. And to the credit of Eastbourne Borough Council, an agreement with Morrisons has meant that even the construction work was handled by local labour.

Now, hopefully, it is time for the shoppers to cash in as the stores try to tempt us with offers we can’t refuse.

Morrisons’ arrival is a sure sign of confidence in our town. And the competition it will create is bound to benefit the spending power of local shoppers - if only in the short term.

Long-term we also have the new Arndale Centre to look forward to. All good signs that Eastbourne is weathering the economic storm.