Herald comment: It’s taken 30 years, but Harbour development plans will enormous benefit

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It has taken more than 30 years to see the light of day, but at last it looks as if plans to find a permanent home for Eastbourne’s fishing fleet could at last come to fruition.

Over the past three decades, the town’s fishermen have been pushed from one temporary site to another, but now thanks to the news this week of plans to build a multi million pound fishing quay with a visitor centre at the Harbour, they will soon have a permanent base.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that a major justification for the Eastbourne Harbour Act, which became law in 1980, was that the harbour would provide a permanent home for the town’s fishing fleet.

How disappointing that it has taken so long for this objective to be met, yet this is a proposal which is being backed by the council and the Sovereign Harbour Residents’ Association.

The design of the buildings and associated landscaping proposed are entirely appropriate for the intended purpose and also attractive and innovative.

One of the harbour’s least attractive sites will be transformed into a commercial area of great significance.

When complete it will provide security for the fishermen and provide ancillary jobs for local people. It will enhance the Waterfront offering and attract tourists and visitors to the area.

There is little doubt that this exciting proposal will provide a significant and welcome benefit to the Eastbourne economy.

It’s just a shame it took 30 years to get to the drawing board!