Herald Comment: It’s finally stopped raining for Eastbourne PLC

As will be clear to all but the most optimistic rose-tinted spectacle wearers, things still aren’t going so well in United Kingdom PLC.

But as the nation lurches into a triple-dip recession it appears Eastbourne is in better shape than most towns.

In the light of recent events it doesn’t take a Pollyanna to see that things, whisper it, could be looking up for the Sunshine Coast.

This week the Herald reports on the potential creation of 140 jobs with the opening of new business units open on the Hammonds Drive Industrial Estate (see page 17) and last week we trumpeted the great news that the number of empty shops in the town had plunged to almost half as few as the national average.

In today’s Herald we also give you the latest encouraging news on the proposed extension of the Arndale Shopping Centre (see page 4), which seems to be going full steam ahead. Herald columnist Annemarie Field is certainly getting excited about the prospect (page 8) and she’s even suggesting the time could be right for a spot of creative rebranding – the Debussy Centre perhaps?

While we’re in an upbeat frame of mind, the owners of the Langney Shopping Centre have insisted they’re committed to getting the facility back on its feet again.

All this good news, and it’s finally stopped raining!