Herald comment: could Diesel Alley become a vibrant part of Eastbourne?

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The idea of a pedestrianised piazza seems so dreamy. But can it ever become a reality?

The much-vaunted idea of a fully pedestrianised Terminus Road reared its head again this week with the emergence of a group determined to make it happen.

Just picture how it could be . . . . leafy boulevards, coffee shops, dining al fresco, music and street entertainment. All in a wonderfully stylish piazza , extending from the rail station to the seafront.

Then picture the scene as it is now. Disjointed, unattractive and generally drab. Diesel Alley it has become known as - and that label now seems more appropriate than ever.

Many shops have long backed the pedestrianisation proposal, and now a new pressure group “iloveeastbourne.org” is planning to ramp up the campaign.

The idea is to force the pace and to get people in their thousands to sign up to the piazza plan.

With Eastbourne on the threshold of retail change and the new Arndale Centre almost certainly in the bag, the time is surely ripe to bring this debate to the fore.

The Herald will help in explaining the arguments for and against, But like so many of our readers, we will take some convincing that this is not the way forward.