Herald comment: Baroness Thatcher flag tribute is the right decision

The death of Baroness Thatcher on Monday has polarised opinion in a way which has not been witnessed previously following the death of a public figure.

Speeches given by MPs on both sides of the House of Commons on Wednesday demonstrated how much the legacy of the former Prime Minister had impacted on people’s lives in so many ways.

That has been further illustrated by the opinion and comments made on public forums, such as the Herald’s website, and in the pages of this newspaper where Margaret Thatcher is portrayed on one extreme as a venerable saint and at the other as a hideous sinner.

Margaret Thatcher was a politician and a stateswoman who served her country in tough times and who was called on to make difficult and unpopular decisions.

She would often walk where others feared to tread.

The decision that flags across the nation should be lowered at half-mast on the date of her April 17 funeral is a right and appropriate one.

It is a mark of respect for a lady who led our nation as the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th century.

To suggest flags should be lowered at half mast around the country right now in the wake of her death is disproportionate and one which Mrs Thatcher probably would not have wanted.

Margaret Thatcher was a divisive figure, but someone who served her country we