Health Plus: Nutritionist Simon Bandy on how to beat the festive bloat

Nutritionist Simon Bandy from Seaford-based supplements company Health Plus gives his advice on how to avoid the annual Christmas bloat.

It’s no wonder that after the chocolates, the sweets, the nuts, the bucks fizz, the Christmas dinner, the Christmas pudding, the Champagne, the cheese and biscuits, the wine and the nibbles, that we feel a bit bloated once the festive period has drawn to a close.

It’s the one time of the year when most of us agree it’s ok to eat, eat and eat some more. But, the rich foods, over-eating and, for many, too much alcohol, can play havoc with our digestive systems.

To help beat the festive bloat and ease into the New Year, my top tips can help to gently revitalise the inner you.

If you want to try to ensure that the festive bloat doesn’t make an appearance, the best thing to do is not over-indulge – which is easier said than done! But follow a couple of simple rules and you will be well on your way to a comfortable Christmas.

Don’t have a plate piled high with lovely Christmas dinner, as you can always have leftovers later on. The phrase ‘little and often’ comes to mind, as this will allow your body time to digest food before starting on something else.

Try snacking on fruit and vegetables between meals, as they are often high in fibre, which is great for keeping your digestive system healthy.

And finally, aim to drink at least two litres of non-alcoholic and non-sparkling fluid a day.

Peppermint tea is a good option, as it can help to calm abdominal pain and help food move through the intestines.

Or, you could just stick to water, as this will flush the toxins and impurities out of your system so you can face the start of 2014 with a spring in your step.

Bloating can make you feel very sluggish, so getting out and doing some exercise is a great way of making you feel yourself again, even if it’s just going on a 30-minute family walk. This will get the blood pumping around your system, helping you to digest food.

To help you get back to feeling great, you could always try a nutritional supplement. Health Plus’ Digest Plus is designed to relieve symptoms associated with over-eating, as well as promoting long-term optimum digestive health. These types of supplements can be taken in the lead-up to, during and after the festive period to help minimise the effects.

Probiotics are another good option. These are live ‘good’ bacteria, which promote digestive health and a simple way to include them in your diet is to have natural yoghurt at breakfast.

However, for those who are lactose intolerant, or sensitive to dairy products, try the Health Plus Multi Probiotic capsule.

Simon Bandy is a natural supplements expert for Health Plus; a Seaford based business established over 20 years ago with a mission to promote optimum nutrition across the world.

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