Happy memories of the sleigh ride at Eastbourne’s Bobby’s department store

From: John MorrisPriory Road

Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:20 am

It very sad to read that Debenhams is to close in January 2020.

I used to work for Bobbys in the 1970s and I was the artist to create sleigh grottos. I painted scenic roll which you see moving as you “ride” through snow covered forest with two reindeers appeared galloping along.

I also designed the window displays as well, 14 windows.

Now Debenhams only use a few windows, not local themes. How times changed.

It was very pleasurable job indeed to see children enjoy the visit to grottos. Not now any more.

I remember when I was a small boy with my mum visiting Selfridges famous grotto - we got a lift as a submarine going down to seabed with fishes around the walls and caves to a den where Santa sits. I never forget the images in my memory. It was the real experience of grottos.

Now I am retired. Happy memories indeed.