Grand Hotel sommelier, Marcin Segrecki, on his five favourite wine regions for beginners

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Sommelier at The Grand Hotel Eastbourne and the award winning AA Rosette Mirabelle Restaurant, Marcin Segrecki, lists his five favourite wine regions for beginners

From the warm tannins of a Burgundy Pinot Noir to the fresh, fruity notes of a South African white, there is an abundance of delicious wine to suit all palates. Whether your wine is to accompany a sumptuous meal, an alfresco brunch or just a relaxed evening in, there is something for every occasion.

Choosing wines may be a daunting prospect so the best place to start is by trusting your own judgement. Where ever possible, trying a wine before you buy is a great way to build your knowledge and learn about different flavours. Once you find a favourite wine, make sure to make a note of what it is so you can buy it again in the future and perhaps think about investing in a case.

To give you a head start, these are my top five wines for beginners:

Pinot Noir: deliciously smooth and silky, Pinot Noir is one of the friendliest of reds and can work well with nearly all meals but especially with red meats and game.

Cotes do Rhone Blanc: a classic, crisp and smoky white which pairs well with fish such as smoked salmon and summery salads.

Sancerre: a classic Sancerre will have depth and character. Choosing an easy to drink white wine from this region will work perfectly when paired with pork, oysters and other seafood.

Champagne: the ultimate, and most famous of celebration wines and surprisingly versatile. Champagne can be paired with almost any dish and is the ideal aperitif before any meal.

Rioja Tinto: a Spanish classic red wine, fruity and full of flavour which is great for relaxing. Rioja Tinto also works well with barbeques and steaks.

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