Golly, what a fuss over a doll

Eastbourne gollidoll
Eastbourne gollidoll

The politically correct brigade has struck again and one of its number is complaining about golliwogs, or gollidolls as they are now known as, being sold at the Beachy Head Countryside Centre.

Deary me. I used to love my golliwog, I read the Three Golliwogs by Enid Blyton, I saved up my Robinsons jam coupons so I could get the badges.

I just thought of him back then as I still do now as a heroic toy and iconic character, not something that would incite racial hatred.

I didn’t associate him with black people just because he happened to be black and as for there being something nasty and vile about him, that’s what some people unfortunately make up in their own minds.

I wonder sometimes where it’s all going to end.

Are we going to end up banning more of our childhood favourites? After all Pinocchio told lies, Cinderella stayed up till midnight at parties, Sleeping Beauty got to sleep forever, Aladdin was a thief, Snow White lived with seven men and Goldilocks broke into a house.

Perhaps the PC brigade will start calling for Bugs Bunny to be banned in case it upsets children with buckteeth.

l It’s good news that the potholes the size of a small country on the main road into Eastbourne at Willingdon roundabout are finally to be repaired. Apparently the stretch of road will be closed between 7pm and midnight from Monday July 22 for contractors to carry out the work. I’m so pleased I might bake them a cake.

l As much as I hate seeing pubs close their doors, it’s good news that what was Chambers Wine Bar in Grove Road won’t be empty for long. A sign outside says it will re-open soon as an Italian restaurant.

l Finally, is it Let’s Put Up Scaffolding month in town? It seems like every other building in every street has scaffolding, let alone the Town Hall, Congress and Natwest.