Give us a decent A 27, Norman!


That old and familiar bandwagon about whether the A27 should be a dual carriageway from Polegate to Lewes is on the agenda again this week with politicians wanting to jump on it – which is no surprise really seeing as the county council elections are just around the corner.

Sadly though, Polegate and Lewes MP Norman Baker, who also happens to be the current government’s minister of transport, has been against this happening since the year dot.

I like Norman. He is an honourable, dedicated politician who has worked his way up through the ranks of local politics and is sticking to his guns saying the dualling of the A27 would cost in the region of £200 million and destroy the countryside.

That may well be the case but time has moved on and the fact is the Polegate to Lewes section of the A27 is one big joke.

And not a very funny one either as anyone who uses the road regularly will tell you, not to mention businesses who pulled out of Eastbourne because of its appalling road network to the rest of civilisation.

Perhaps it’s time for Norman to listen to his constituents about what THEY want, get all the political parties together and the tree huggers, stop the bickering and find a solution to this road from hell.

Despite the fact somebody dumped a load of snow on the lawn at the start of the week, I do believe spring has almost sprung and it’s nearly time to get my trusty push bike back out, dust off the Galway Lace (cobwebs) and start cycling again.

I know the sight of me on my pushbike is as rare as rocking horse dung but I am looking forward to cycling along the new cycle path up the Meads end of town. Oh, hang on a minute.

Reader Colin Schiraldi has sent in this photograph and it looks to me as if you have to be as slim as an ironing board to cycle between the parked cars......