Fox cubs trapped in lobster pots

You may remember a few weeks ago we had one of our former hedgehogs called Grape come back into care after being found by a young lad called Frazer. Frazer discovered Grape in his garden with a nasty wound in his side caused by a strimmer.

Grape was very poorly, suffering from an extensive infection and dehydration and sadly this was just too much for him and he passed away about 36 hours after being admitted into care.

Frazer has worked long and hard on a poster in the memory of his friend Grape to warn of the dangers strimmers and other garden equipment for our hedgehogs and other wildlife.

This is going to be used to educate people locally. Already Fraser poster on facebook has been shared over 251 times and over 13552 people have seen it. The poster is being shared across the country by hedgehog lovers!

Thank you Frazer and we are so sorry we could not do more for Grape.

Many thanks for everyone’s support at the Seaford Dog Show, we received a wonderful £74 in donations and £53 in sales which was very unexpected as I was at the show as one of the judges.

Tony was called out to rescue a couple of fox cubs trapped inside some lobster pots at Sovereign Harbour this week.

Two cubs had managed to get inside the pots and Tony had to set them free. Mum was nearby watching and the cubs ran back to her on release. We have never had to rescue a fox from anything like this before, certainly an unusual rescue.

Most of last week I spent looking after Trevor the seal on Seaford beach. It is unusual for a grey seal to be on the East Sussex coast line. The nearest colonies are neat Dover and on the North French coast.

He turned up neat Sovereign Harbour the previous week just after a couple of nights a very stormy weather. This may have been the cause of him ending up here.

The seal was in good condition and moved round the coast to Eastrbourne beach and then on to Seaford Beach where he spent six days. Due to trouble on the first night it was decided that a watch was needed to keep him safe.

Medics from British Divers Marine Life Rescue and WRAS set up a round the clock watch of the seal of which I did from 11pm till about 8am.