I know more often than not everyone moans about our DGH but this week I have to sing its praises. For reasons I shall not go in to – lest I embarrass my teenage son who thought he was some kind of superhero when it came to getting down from a tall building on Sunday night – I found myself up at A&E with the aforementioned son and heir. Far from waiting for hour after hour, the whole system of being seen, x-rayed, bandaged up and sent home with an appointment for the fracture clinic was extremely slick and queue and hassle free. So, if any of the DGH top dogs who have messed up our maternity services by moving the consultant led unit to Hastings are reading this: Keep your hands off our A&E.

It’s a tough life us journalists have: an invitation to join the 3rd Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, known affectionately as The Tigers, was the latest one to drop on to the doormat at Beckett Towers. Despite not being the fittest fairy in the forest nor the most agile, (although I took note of the men in uniforms wanting to show off their weapons), I decided to take one for the team and spent a very enjoyable morning on exercise with the Army Reservists at the former TA Centre in Seaside to help with their new recruitment drive to form a platoon in Eastbourne. After the sad departure of the TA from the town, it will be nice to have an armed forces presence in the town and more importantly, hopefully the land the centre sits on will not be sold for yet more houses.

Well done to all the ladies who took part in last Sunday’s Eastbourne Race for Life. It was hear-warming to see so many people and supporters.

Sadly, my festival days are behind me for the time being but on the plus side the lovely events team at Eastbourne Borough Council have a giant screen up on the Western Lawns this weekend so everyone can watch all the fun, music and action from Glastonbury 2014. See you there.