Tennis In The Park SUS-140619-150735001
Tennis In The Park SUS-140619-150735001

Well, sadly there will be no call from the LTA telling me I have a wildcard entry to Wimbledon following my defeat in the mixed doubles media match at the Devonshire Park on Tuesday lunchtime. You can see page 33 for all the gory details of my match and if you want a real laugh visit the Herald website to watch the video. But on the plus side I have made some lovely friends, developed a love of Pimms, my strawberries are finally ripening in my garden and I hope to be gracing the courts at Tennis In The Park in Gildredge Park on a fairly regular basis. And to top off a perfect day I was called to Tennis In The Park the afternoon of my defeat to be presented with a Runners Up trophy by the very lovely Francis and Gemma Mackie, who in my eyes are just one step away from beatification for their patience and understanding in my bid to become the next Martina Navratilova.

The news of Saturday’s diving tragedy which saw two divers lose their lives off the Eastbourne coast highlighted again the fantastic work our local team of coastguards do as well as the A&E staff who dealt with two major trauma incidents during the afternoon. In all the sad news, it was wonderful to hear that coastguard Stuart McNab was honoured with an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Stuart is a wonderful gent, dedicated to the task in hand and nobody deserves it more.

There appears to be a new stream that has appeared in Motcombe to rival the River Bourne, most noticeably in Watts Lane. Running along the pavement is a long stream of water which in the last two weeks has turned into mucky green sludge which is an accident waiting to happen. I hear South East Water is on the case.

Finally this week, can somebody please put that Christmas tree aka as a small bush of nothingness on Willingdon roundabout out of its misery? It looks ghastly.