AMF and  Davis Cup Capt: Leon Smith SUS-140530-163925001
AMF and Davis Cup Capt: Leon Smith SUS-140530-163925001

Many years ago officers from the old Eastbourne Borough Police had a great way of dealing with troublemakers in the town. N’er do wells would be shoved in the back of a police car, driven to the borough boundary somewhere in the middle of the Downs and told to make their own way back. It’s a shame Eastbourne Police can’t use those tactics today, particularly with the group of 20-plus street drinkers who last Thursday evening, when the seafront was bustling with locals and tourists, were squawking and shouting, swigging their cans of Special Brew disrupting what was a beautiful setting and day and all in front of tourists and locals. The police were called but it was too little too late as the tourists had already seen and heard far too much. If depositing them in the middle of nowhere is against their human rights or some other nonsense, then perhaps strategically placed high powered water cannons would be an alternative method of dealing with the problem.

On a more positive note, I saw on Facebook this week that local handyman on a bike Spencer Ede, who, after just finishing a large job at a house, put £550 cash in his pocket and it fell out as he cycled away. He called the police in the vain hope that somebody might find some of it and an hour later, an officer called him to say a lady found every bit of it and wanted to return it to him. It was duly returned and the lady refused to accept a penny for her honesty.

It’s now just days until my tennis match at the Aegon International and after weeks of practising, I’m excited but I doubt you’ll be seeing a new face at Wimbledon this year.