Annemarie Field and Tracy Burton SUS-140424-124827001
Annemarie Field and Tracy Burton SUS-140424-124827001

The last time I went inside the Wish Tower was when it was the Puppet Museum. I was knee high to a grasshopper and hiding behind my Mum’s skirt because the marionettes scared the living daylights out of me. Over the Easter weekend I went back to the seafront landmark to be a guinea pig for one tours the Wish Tower Friends members are conducting and it was fantastic. This group of volunteers have cleared out rubbish and the old trappings of the puppet museum and are painstakingly trying to restore it to its former glory and raise money through the tours. They’re doing a fabulous job.

Sadly, that is more that can be said for the neighbouring Western View cafe – the temporary offering after the Wish Tower Cafe was knocked down.

It may be small and perfectly formed but you wouldn’t want to be hungry or thirsty when you go in as the waiting is horrendous thanks to a lack of staff and proper organisation.

Despite taking photographs most of my working life, my camera skills are somewhat limited to idiot-proof point and press contraptions, so I stand in awe of photographers especially members of the Eastbourne Photography Society who have their annual expo at the Da Vinci Hotel in Howard Square for the next three weeks and is well worth the visit with some truly stunning local scene shots.

Horsegate continues unabated in the columns of this fine newspaper this week and it would appear I have upset a handful of horsey types with my observation that they should stay off the roads, or at least stop trotting down the middle of them.

News reaches me that one horse rider insists on taking up most of a busy road regularly and also demands children stop bouncing on their trampolines in their front gardens as she rides by.

I’m off to study the Highway Code.....