Work going on in the park located St Annes Road and the avenue, Eastbourne SUS-140304-100508001
Work going on in the park located St Annes Road and the avenue, Eastbourne SUS-140304-100508001

I am well aware that when I shuffle off the end of life’s perch there will be no bronze statue of me outside Beckett Towers or anywhere else for that matter. But it’s good to know that good people are being remembered – like Melody Parfitt whose friends and acquaintances have penned a lovely poem about her and placed it on bus stops in Old Town. It turns out that Melody, who passed away recently, was a regular on the number 55 bus and campaigned for the retention of the bus service up in Old Town when it was under threat. Friends say Melody, who worked at Topshop in the Arndale, was a lovely lady, a one-off, always vivacious with unrestrained enthusiasm who will be sadly missed by all including drivers and passengers.

It’s good news for families just in time for the Easter holidays which start today: there’s a new play park for little ones in Hartfield Square off The Avenue thanks to the borough council, where the powers that be inform me that railings and gates will be installed after the Easter break so as not to disrupt play. Let’s just hope it puts pay to the canoodling couples and street drinkers who have always been the most frequent visitors in the park in years gone by.

There was almost a tragedy at Princes Park this week when a 43-year-old man waded in to the boating lake to retrieve a model boat, became unwell, collapsed into the water and almost drowned. Thankfully the man is making a good recovery and his condition is stable in hospital but it serves as a reminder that even in a shallow lake that’s filled with muck and mud, and where when I was a child the biggest danger was the possibility of being bitten by a swan, there are perils.

It’s Easter holidays once again and with the Little Treasures off school, I am downing my pen and notebook and departing Beckett Towers. See you in two weeks.