You would have had to have been on a different planet these last few weeks not to have heard all about what is going on at Birling Gap: the crumbling cliff falls, the big cracks in the cliff edge and the fact the steps can’t be used because they are too dangerous. So, I have little sympathy for the woman who walked along the beach to the beauty spot recently, found herself trapped by high tide and unable to use the steps. Fortunately for her, the coastguards and Newhaven lifeboat were a little more generous and put their own lives at risk rescuing her. Silly woman.

You would also have to have been on the moon not to have any idea what the Pevensey Appeal is all about. For many years now friends and families of people with cancer and those who have lost their lives to the horrible disease have been raising money for a new improved unit to replace the rather cramped surroundings of the existing Pevensey ward. From fashion shows to golf days, cake sales to Christmas day swims, thousands have donated to the appeal and waited. And waited. As the trust came up with reason after reason why the unit couldn’t go ahead, it became embarrassing to keep asking for money for the appeal from people who questioned when and if it would ever happen. That’s why this week’s announcement is such good news not only for people with cancer but for the families and friends of Tuesday O’Hara, Chris Lambird and countless others who helped make this unit become a reality.

Finally this week, it’s bon voyage to the lovely Trevor Huddleston, who is off to Afghanistan with the Army for six months at a vulnerable time as troops pull out of the country. His equally gorgeous young lady Annabelle Fontaine is terribly proud of him as are most of us who know this local lad is doing his bit for Queen and country yet again.