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As time goes on I become more convinced that the county council is into installation art. Why else would the authority, which is responsible for all the abandoned barriers, cones and other street furniture tossed to the side of the road, leave it strewn around streets in the town? From high up in Beckett Towers we overlook the Eagle Pub. Also in our line of vision is the not so attractive display of orange plastic barriers in the corner of Gildredge Road which is now entering its third year on display and doing absolutely zilch. I rest my case.

Unlike most of the fairer sex I am not a shopaholic. But even I was excited at the news delivered just before Christmas that H&M is coming to Eastbourne and will take pride of place in the soon to be extended Arndale Centre on the corner of Terminus Road and Ashford Road right about where the Gildredge Pub is now. And the good news is that more High Street names are on their way and are set to be revealed in the spring. Here’s hoping for a Fatface, French Connection and Zara.

If I wanted to tiptoe around people I would have trained as a ballet dancer and joined a troupe so on the subject of potholes there’s little point in pussyfooting about. I have it on very good authority the cost of filling each pothole costs £50.I spied the pothole brigade in Dittons Road on Wednesday morning filling in a crater the size of a small country and half an hour later the unsightly hole had been filled and they’d disappeared but totally ignored the countless other potholes along the road. Wouldn’t it make better financial sense if the powers that be had bunged them a few more £50 notes and got them to do the rest while they were there instead of leaving the job half finished?

Finally, it’s good news for fans of the hugely popular Harvey’s horse-drawn dray which had to cancel its visit earlier this month because of the weather: it’s back in town on Thursday February 27.