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The plans to improve Terminus Road may not be everyone’s cuppa and I for one would much rather see Diesel Alley moved round to the canopy under the station as opposed to a few hundred yards around the corner to Cornfield Road. But it’s a damn sight better than the current dog’s dinner we have now outside the railway station with its ugly barriers, countless traffic lights and flashing green men. Putting taxis, buses etc under the canopy in Ashford Road sadly isn’t going to happen in the foreseeable future although it’s hopeful that if Ashford Road is turned into a two way street and Network Rail start talking, all that could change. It’s good to talk and we could talk the left leg off the Lamb of God until the cows come home about what to do with Terminus Road but with the pot of dosh already ringfenced for the Terminus Road improvements, it’s time to stop talking and just get on with it – quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, the days of us newshounds sitting on a high stool at a long bar in pubs in customary raincoats and hats gathering our stories is long gone and these days we are more likely to be found meeting contacts and sipping tea as opposed to pints in one of the town’s numerous coffee shops. My own personal favourite is Beanzz in Grove Road where this week my journalistic eye was drawn to a blackboard showing the number of paid for suspended coffees. For the uninitiated, suspended coffees are those bought by members of the public in advance and later given out by the eatery to homeless people or those who can’t afford a warming hot drink. I think it’s a lovely idea and if there are other coffee shops offering it, let me know and I will give them a mention too.

The rumpus about advertising vans parking on the slip road by Tesco continues as I learnt that the powers that be are quite literally powerless to do stuff all about it because it’s an unadopted road. Time to adopt a road methinks.