The witless banter about new year’s resolutions continues here in Herald Towers and after saying I had none (because of the fact that when I fail at something, I fail big and vowing to be a better/slimmer/non-smoking/more sober/fitter person is a waste of time and doomed to fail) I have come up with a list of resolutions for others in a bid to make life less irritating and disappointing. Perhaps people could be a little more courteous on the roads, especially when other motorists let them in or out: a cheerful wave in the rear view mirror would suffice or a quick flash of the hazards even. I wish people would resolve to stop posting pictures of either their dinner or themselves dressed in a onesie on Facebook, pick up their dog’s mess instead of leaving it dangling on tree branches or, worse still, on the ground for all of us trample through unawares; bus drivers could smile more; people should recycle their plastics as well as their glass and every house should have a head of wash and squash; the bin men, recycling operatives, or whatever they’re called these days, should take care not to drive up on grass verges where they inevitably end up demolishing the kerb stones; mums should stop changing their babies’ fully loaded nappies in full view of other cafe customers and use the baby changing facilities instead: and finally those that aren’t disabled should stop parking in bays designed specifically for those that are.

While we are on the subject of being nice, remember that the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals are nowt whatsoever to do with the meanies cutting back services at our beloved DGH and need your support as they tirelessly raise money for extras that the hospital needs but won’t pay for. Some folk fail to realise this and have been hurling abuse at the fundraisers over the latest cuts.

Finally, a big happy birthday to my lovely Little Treasure Kai who is 14 tomorrow.