Southfields Road Eastbourne December 24th 2013 E52066P
Southfields Road Eastbourne December 24th 2013 E52066P
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If there’s one thing that will get the great and the good of Eastbourne up on their high horses it’s the C word. Cycling. Or cycling along the prom to be more precise. Finally, after too many years, the powers that be at both councils have come up with six planned cycle routes across the town which includes a controversial move to combine pedestrians and two wheeled friends on the middle tier of the promenade. The news may well go down like a quickly deflated tyre but aside from putting a cycle path the length of the beach, there is little else that can be done. It’s the way of the world in Brighton, Hastings and other seafront resorts with walkers and cyclists sharing the space safely. My own bike may be gathering dust in a store cupboard at Beckett Towers but I will be going along to the consultation at the Town Hall next week and I hope others will. The cash for the routes is coming from a government fund but has to be spent within a certain time or it will disappear and we can kiss goodbye to those cycle paths. And of course, there is the little matter of getting the ancient by-law banning cycling on the seafront lifted. Which ever side of the track you’re on with seafront cycling, make sure you have your say.

Ye Gods, has anyone from the county council’s highways department been along Southfields Road in the last few months I wonder? There’s so many potholes there that driving along it is like being on a boat trying to cross the Irish Sea in a Force 10 gale. Perhaps resurfacing it could be put at the top of the list for 2014 and those ghastly potholes filled in.

The long Christmas school holidays mean I shall be taking a break with the Little Treasures for the best part of next week until the New Year so wherever you may be over the New Year holiday, enjoy it, see you in two weeks and a very Happy New Year to everyone.