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Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town, parking spaces were limited – because of an advertising clown. Okay, it doesn’t rhyme and it’s not very festive but if you have seen the advertising trailer that has been abandoned on a daily basis in pay-to-park bays around the town centre, you’ll know where I’m coming from. This trailer with wheels and a vehicle licence plate has been cropping up everywhere. It advertises a cleaning company and gardening service, both of which I’m not going to name because that would be more publicity for them which they don’t deserve. The trailer takes up valuable parking spaces, which at this time of year are as rare as finding a Santa outfit for hire. Yet because it isn’t technically a motorised vehicle, rather infuriatingly it can’t be given a ticket by the parking wardens. Do not fear however as there is a lady with little tolerance in official circles who can and has frequently been taking this trailer owner to task every time he drops it off and getting him to move it on. I can’t say who she is but good on her.

If you’re going out for a few festive scoops between now and the big day please, please, please don’t drink and drive and be careful the morning after too. It may cost a few quid in a cab but believe me it’s worth every penny particularly when you count up the cost of a fine and legal costs not to mention the public transport you’ll have to use during a ban. And to top it all your name and address in a name and shame list in the media.

As in recent years and because of the extortionate price of stamps these days, there’s no Christmas cards being posted from Chez Field this festive season. Instead we will be making a donation to Eastbourne-based charity Para Monte, set up in memory to raise awareness of altitude sickness after former Ratton student Adam Savory died suddenly in Peru. So, from myself, Kai and Aine, a very happy Christmas to everyone.