Greg Draven is wearing a kilt for a year. November 20th 2013 E47077P
Greg Draven is wearing a kilt for a year. November 20th 2013 E47077P

Well, there’s a surprise. It would seem that all the usual puff and nonsense spouted earlier this year by the powers that be at the DGH that downgrading the maternity unit at the hospital and shifting consultant led services 15 miles away to Hastings was only a temporary measure, was in fact a load of the old stinking brown stuff and there are no plans to bring it back and in my opinion, there probably never was any intention to whatsoever. I can only assume such a decision was made by men, or slippery eels pretending to be men. No woman going through a difficult birth, with a baby in distress and in immediate need of a consultant, would a) want to give birth on the side of the A259 or b) would want to be driven at break-neck speed along the Marsh Road not knowing if she and her little bundle of joy would make it. Such madness needs to stop.

Talking of all things daft, there’s even more misery for motorists driving through Hampden Park in the coming weeks because as soon as the level crossing is open again on Monday, the road will be closed one way to traffic in Mountfield Road while Southern Gas Networks replaces an old gas pipe. It’s the traders in Hampden Park who I feel sorry for. This should be their busiest time of the year and they want to remind people that while the road may be closed they are still very much open for business.

If you get a chance this weekend check out Pentacle Drummer frontman Greg Draven’s fundraising efforts by spending a year in a kilt at\AYearIn AKilt. It’s all for a good cause.

Christmas can never come too early for me. I don’t mind how early M&S starts selling wrapping paper and chocolate yule log. Deccies in Chateau Field will be going up on December 1 – when I am back after a week of sun, sand, sangria. See you in a fortnight.