Bob newton with colleagues on his last day
Bob newton with colleagues on his last day

Bonkers news of the week is the fact that Jan Westlake, the owner of Westskates who decided to put a CCTV photo up and name and shame the little thugs who broke into the indoor skate park, stole a scooter and left a trail of damage behind them, now faces getting a slap on the wrist from the police for HER actions. And unless the parents of the two 14-year-old burglars do the decent thing and cough up some cash or even better, the police give them more than some politically correct words of advice, the little toe rags will have gotten away with it.

Bon voyage to sportsman Darren Cumming who leaves Eastbourne on Tuesday to start a new life with his two children in Australia who were abducted there in 2011. Having followed Darren’s case from the early days when his “munchkins” disappeared one day while he was at work, he really has been to hell and back and faced one lengthy legal battle after another in his fight to be reunited with his children. There’s not many people, let alone men, who would have stayed the distance and fought as hard as Darren has and I wish him well in his new life.

I meet lots of people in my job but they certainly broke the mould when they made Bob Newton, who hung up his firefighter’s boots this week after more than 40 years service to the fire brigade in Eastbourne. Good luck Bob, you will be missed.

You would have thought the council would have learnt its lesson when it came to charging people to sit on the Western Lawns (we still haven’t forgotten that disastrous year of charging for Airbourne), so thankfully the authority realised it had made a faux pas and abandoned plans to charge people £12 for the privilege of watching the Last Night of the Proms there tomorrow night and made it all free. Weather permitting, I shall be there with my picnic blanket, flags and customary bottle of chilled grapes.