Focus roadworks attention on the appalling state of Eastbourne’s Devonshire Place


From: David Hobbs

Bridgemere Road

With the long-awaited completion of the road resurfacing of Upper Avenue, eliminating the dangerous dips in the road, attention must now focus on the appalling state of Devonshire Place, the numerous dips and attempts at patching them, make the road a rally course.

Devonshire Place is referred to on the Local History Society website as “A beautiful avenue which is the focal point of Currey’s design for the 7th Duke of Devonshire’s town. The Duke’s statue sits at the seaward end.”

What a shame the road surface is not so beautiful – at least the Duke looks seaward!

Perhaps Highways could advise if re-surfacing is planned, although it was of course done a few years back, rather badly it appears.