“First impressions of Eastbourne town centre are of a wide, cold pavement... the town has lost its character”

From: Anne Turner The Gardens

Friday, 15th March 2019, 9:06 am
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 10:11 am

I find it disappointing that the planners of new Eastbourne have failed to recognise the retired community, with particular reference to transport.

Whilst all incoming buses stop at Bankers Corner, which is ideal, then with shopping completed, how can we reach the bus home?

It is a long, rough walk, often in wet and windy conditions to reach Gildredge Road.

Particularly the LOOP – the bus encircling the town, which has a bus stop sited as far up Gildredge Road as possible.

Furthermore, the rear exit of The Beacon, alongside the car park (where the house opposite gets damaged) is a real disaster.

It is the main dropping off point for the southern end of The Beacon.

No thought has been given to providing adequate space for shoppers arriving by taxi, coach parties, care home transport, delivery vehicles or ambulances.

This area is far from adequate.

The planners have seen fit to reduce the width of some of the roads in town when road traffic is increasing but have increased the shopping area when retail shopping is decreasing.

It would seem Eastbourne has lost its character, with wide tree lined roads with small shops exuding warmth.

Now first impressions are of a plain, wide cold pavement – not a tree in sight.

Not welcoming at all.