Fine for cyclists on Eastbourne seafront is an empty threat

From: Robert TuttEshton Road

Friday, 26th July 2019, 11:08 am
Seafront No Cycle Sign Eastbourne Prom SUS-150618-070831001
Seafront No Cycle Sign Eastbourne Prom SUS-150618-070831001

Has the cycling ban on the promenade been lifted?

I ask because during my walk from Treasure Island to Cow Gap and back this morning I encountered 20 (yes, TWENTY) persons cycling on the “No Cycling” areas of the promenade.

These by-law breakers (assuming the by-law is still in force) ranged in age from abusive inconsiderate teenagers riding at speed and “pulling wheelies”, to equally abusive pensioners, one of whom was heard to call a lady who advised him of the error of his ways ‘fat and ugly’.

Frankly these miscreants are :

a) ruining the pleasure of using the promenade for the purpose it was designed for, i.e. promenading.

b) a danger to all law abiding pedestrians.

I see there are notices advising that there is a fine of £500 for transgressing this by-law.

As there is little or no enforcement taking place, this is an empty threat which is clearly being ignored wholesale.

One of these cyclists will injure someone in the near future, be it a small child that strays into their path, or a deaf/blind/elderly/infirm individual that cannot get out of there way.

As stated above, if one advises them that they are not complying with the cycling ban in the areas mentioned, one is invariably met with a torrent of abuse.