Eastbourne’s young people should be congratulated, not abused

From: Linda SauntGrassington Road

Friday, 26th July 2019, 11:08 am

This afternoon I was in the town centre and saw four young teenagers stopping people to handout a leaflet They were very pleasant in attitude.

I was shocked to see an elderly man (probably about 70) rudely walk past saying, “I have got no time for your nonsense.”

And then just a few seconds later another man shouted abusively at them although I couldn’t understand what he said.

I then heard one of the youngsters say, “I’ve had enough of this I’m going home.”

I stopped and spoke to the youngsters and they said that they’d had several people behaving rudely to them.

I told them how shocked I was and said I would write to the local paper about it.

They were aged 15 and 16.

They told me they were working with a charity called Senior Citizen Service and holding an event on Sunday 21st July at Hampden Park Scout Hut to promote awareness of mental illness.

They should be congratulated not abused.