“Eastbourne’s Towner provides the discerning cinephile with quality films...”

From: David JayGrange Road

Friday, 8th November 2019, 9:12 am

Like several of your readers and Annemarie Field, I recall when Eastbourne had several lovely independent cinemas.

Like independent retailers those businesses have had to provide something a little different, and improve in order to thrive amongst the chains who themselves are now suffering despite their economies of scale.

In the letters and comments I have read in this newspaper, in the tourist information centre, there is no mention of our great new independent cinema at the Towner which meets the needs of the cinema-goer, who in Martin Scorsese’s words wants to see serious cinema and not just the same bland superhero or children’s movie week in week out?

So the Towner cinema provides the discerning cinephile with quality films from around the world as well as cutting edge independent cinema and the excellent new Cineworld in the Beacon, despite appalling access, provides broad, high quality mainstream cover of general releases on its wonderful large screens and (over?)powerful sound systems.

The facilities at the old Cineworld cinema were dated by comparison and let’s be honest Eastbourne town centre needs an injection of life.

Eastbourne Film Society moved to Towner Cinema with its superior comfortable seating and facilities and the Curzon, despite its wonderful friendly management, has been unable to afford to keep up with the times and so it is very sad but inevitable that this institution will be no more, but we now have two great locations and a broad spectrum of films to enjoy.

The wonderful book Temples Of Dreams’ celebrates the history of 10 independent cinemas in Eastbourne.

Sadly the Curzon or as it was, The Picturedrome, will be the last of these old palaces to close, but we still have a vibrant series of screens to enjoy today.