Eastbourne’s seafront gardeners are doing a grand job

From: A EdwardsLewes Road

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:25 am
Lynda Foster snapped this sweet shot at Eastbourne seafront's Carpet Gardens with an iPhone - two penny farthings against the fence. SUS-190515-154638001

Whenever I walk the seafront and whatever time of year it is, I’m always taken by the flowerbeds that line the promenade, from west of the pier to the end of Western Lawns.

Especially so those plants that grow between the upper and lower paths adjacent Western Lawns; when the sun shines it is a real treat! At the joining of the upper with the lower promenades adjacent the RNLI shop there are roses growing, the fragrance of which can be overwhelming.

Considering Eastbourne is the sunniest resort on the south coast of England it can also be very windy at times, and that wind blows salt-laden air onto our flower beds, yet they still shine.

Back from the seafront there are more flowerbeds stretching from Helen Gardens to Princes Park, some best viewed from the top deck of a bus.

Those who manage and tend our flowerbeds (and shrubberies) are doing a grand job.