Eastbourne town centre is turning into a cheap suburb of Greater London

From: Michael Platt Ranworth Hotel

Friday, 31st May 2019, 9:53 am
Chipped paving stones outside Next store in Terminus Road (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190313-200805008

I note with amazement the bold blue print for the future of Eastbourne published front page of the Eastbourne Herald Friday May 24.

Once again the Eastbourne public are being given a load of old codswallop.

We only have to look at the boring Beacon/Arndale Centre and then proceed to look at the existing works that are taking place in Terminus Road to see a total uninspiring mess who ever is responsible for this needs the sack.

On page three Christina Ewbank says that Eastbourne in five years will be transformed.

She must be looking at the project with rose tinted glasses.

Town centre is being wrecked already and not one of our councillors of any party has aired their views and shown any criticism whatsoever of these works.

Therefore the whole bunch must be as thick as two planks.

I think that we can all agree that Terminus Road flowing through to Little Chelsea, the shopping area in Langney Road and the Town Centre part of Seaside Road needs upgrading.

But what is happening now is turning Eastbourne town centre into looking like a cheap suburb of outer London.

It will not encourage people to come to Eastbourne and it definitely will not encourage quality and brand named businesses to trade in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Borough Council/East Sussex County Council should stop this work immediately and have a rethink on the whole project.

It seems without doubt that they are having difficulty in presentation of this project.

If any one in either of these authorities would like speak with me I would put them on the right track free of charge, this project can be saved with out any huge expense but it needs discussion .

Associated with this project are ‘trees’.

It is common knowledge that to combat climate change the planting of trees is paramount.

Perhaps someone in East Sussex County Council would publicly advise through the Eastbourne Herald on whose authority 180 trees have been felled in Eastbourne and why trees were removed in Terminus Road.

I think it is time that the Eastbourne Herald stepped in and investigated this whole scenario.