Eastbourne show wasn’t Noel Coward in a million years

From: Marianne EdwardsBeatrice Lane

Friday, 27th September 2019, 11:00 am
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My daughter and I made a huge mistake in booking expensive seats at the Devonshire Park Theatre on the September 17 to see Me and the Girls purely on the understanding that it would be about Noel Coward and his wonderful clever songs.

I would like to mention that my family were friends of Mr Coward and I was very privileged to go to his first nights and even at 13-years-old had met him several times. How can your critic praise this terrible debacle?

The Girls certainly played their instruments but could not sing or dance. The dialogue was crude, mostly unnecessary, not Noel in a million years. I have never walked out of a performance in my life and we were two of many and feel that the publicity for this show was to get the public in under false pretences.

Mr Coward must have turned in his grave. Never again, please preserve Eastbourne’s good reputation.