“Eastbourne looks like a bomb site post Second World War”

From: Hilary CoombesSeven Sisters Road

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:26 am
Eastbourne town centre Improvement scheme (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-180111-110613008

I have just returned from a visit to and from town by bus and encountered multiple hazards yet again.

Why have workmen been allowed to start multiple sections of road or pavement reconstruction without getting sections of it finished first and barriers removed?

From Station Parade, Gildredge Road, Ivy Terrace,Terminus Road, Ashford Road, Cornfield Road it is all such a mess. For those visitors arriving by train for the tennis and the summer season, it looks like a bomb site post Second World War.

Who decided it was a good idea to allow parking opposite the station so the vehicles turning from Gildredge Road have a much narrower angle to negotiate? Removal of the bus stops outside the Arndale and the side of NatWest bank means a long walk for many trying to get to the banks and central Terminus Road from the station or War Memorial current stops.

As in Gildredge Road , the war memorial has two bus stops catering for 12 buses, traffic is blocked by the volume of buses and multiple buses stopping means that buses are missed trying to wend your way through the crowds.

At the first bus stop in Glldredge they took away the seat and shelter, so people just stand in a mass. Why can’t the bus shelters in Ivy Terrace be finished and the barriers removed? The area between the barrier and the side of the slope to HSBC only allows one person to pass at a time.

What happened to the drainage in the new flower beds in Terminus Road? Every time it rains, they flood and the crossing point near C&H was flooded badly last week making it impossible to cross without getting your feet wet.

All the ordinary person in the street and the long suffering shopkeepers want is for the work to be finished, one section at a time with barriers removed rather than trying to work on multiple sites for limited amount of times during the day.

I am very surprised there haven’t been more accidents as people try to cross the road where they can. I trust that when the cinema opens there will be more shops open in the new wind tunnel, because at present it is just a mishmash, rather than a brand new extension fully let to attract extra footfall and badly needed revenue for the town.

Let’s hope after the sports bar opens other restaurants will want to come to fill the vacant spaces.