Eastbourne is a great place for business

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6+6Commerce is a wee bit tricky at the minute for one reason or another, either uncertainty of what’s going to happen with Brexit or retail generally struggling across the U.K. 
 In Eastbourne there’ve been easier times to invest, one might honestly say. However, over the last ten days or so I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a range of companies, from the well established to brand spanking new, and all of them are fine examples of enterprise.

Starting with an established business. The Lansdowne Hotel. An excellent example of a family run company which has thrived in Eastbourne for over 100 years. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours behind the scenes and it gave me an opportunity to join various staff members to see how a hotel really works. All the complex nuts and bolts of a busy, successful Hotel. And it was absolutely fascinating.

The second is a new business which moved here only a couple of months ago. BumbleBee Bikes on the Glennys Estate, off Latimer Road. I popped round to meet the owners, Greg and Diana Jones, who told me they’d started the company 18 months ago in Hailsham but as it’s grown, decided to expand to a new depot in Eastbourne.

He and Diana are selling their scooters across the U.K. from their website; in fact whilst I was there a customer from Guernsey had just ordered one, but they’re keen to see more locally.

The third is a new restaurant where Fiesta Bistro used to be opposite the station.

It’s now called Dom, owned by couple Julio and Thusa Crivellaro. They moved from Brighton recently to open as an Italian restaurant.

Cherine and I enjoyed a delicious meal there and it’s clear they’ve invested a lot of time and money in refurbishing the old venue. Julio explained to me that not only did they see Eastbourne as a great place to invest, they also recognise it’s a great town to bring up their two children.

I passionately believe that we offer tremendous opportunities for the right businesses to thrive, and each of these three companies prove this.

The Lansdowne Hotel has an enviable reputation which has been built up over many years, and whilst the two others are at the beginning of their Eastbourne journey.

They’re many, many other other successful businesses across our town, and I profoundly appreciate all that they do.

A town with a successful private sector is a town with a great future. And that’s Eastbourne.