Eastbourne has a postcode lottery for essential services such as GP surgeries


Thursday, 16th January 2020, 4:01 pm
Picture: PA

A headline in a recent issue of the Eastbourne Herald, ‘Town Keeps Going From Strength To Strength’ is ironic in view of what residents living in Hampden Park will be facing from April 1.

The doctors’ surgery located in Brodrick Close is due to close down on March 31, leaving a large catchment area without any medical service.

One doctor attached to this surgery has more than 7,000 patients on his register.

This is putting lives at risk and testing his skills beyond their limit.

Money will not correct this situation, more doctors in attendance is the only solution. Patients who attend this surgery have been given addresses of three other surgeries in Eastbourne who could add us to their list, but I have contacted them and none can take us.

Incidentally none are in a convenient area for doctors or patients visits.

Caroline Ansell MP has promised to treat Brexit as her priority. I suggest that the dilemma facing many of her constituents should be her number one priority.

The number of people in her constituency will surely dwindle if action is not taken immediately. We have lost our private hospital, so more stress is being placed on our local hospital. Please, Mrs Ansell, sit up and take notice of this dire situation. Having a new shopping centre is not a replacement for an adequate health service.

The situation is frightening, illness brings its own anxieties, having no doctor can only make things worse.

Statistics are proving that the UK health service has reached breaking point and no amount of money will provide the cure. We need more skilled staff now.

May I suggest to estate agents that this situation should be borne in mind when trying to sell property to people who desire to live in this area. They have got to consider if they are young, fit and healthy. This is a postcode lottery,which must be stopped in its tracks.

Mrs JI Hoban

Lindfield Road, Eastbourne