Disappointed by visit to Eastbourne’s new cinema

From: L BarrattGeering Road, 
Stone Cross

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 4:12 pm
Cineworld in The Beacon, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190715-114336008

I was very disappointed when I visited the new Cineworld shortly before Christmas with two of my family.

A large expanse of seemingly wasted space between the two escalators, no seats outside Screen 7 – where our chosen film was showing – as we were early it was a choice of either propping up the wall or sitting on the floor. We chose the former.

Having not previously booked our seats we had no option but to take the only available three seats together – at the very top row, left hand corner of the auditorium.

Be warned – lots of stairs and no handrail after the first few!

We felt quite vulnerable in our seat position – what on earth would happen in the event of a fire?

I don’t think we would have made it out!

Surely the fire regulations should never have allowed this layout to be passed?

One other thing, if I do go again I will definitely take my earplugs – not everyone of an age is deaf!