DAVID FAREY: Can we learn from climate change?

David Farey SUS-151105-131625001
David Farey SUS-151105-131625001

It has been a funny old winter! It was the mildest December on record, but with that claim has gone an awful lot of misery. It has been quite remarkable to see the abundance of daffodils in some parts and the weather has indeed been almost spring like without the need for heavy coats and mufflers. But alongside it has come heavy rain and winds. We all know the devastation in the North West and we have had a taster in Hellingly with roads around the church becoming flooded. It’s hard to make sense of it all!

There have been the inevitable cries of foul! Infrastructures have been neglected or poorly managed and so means of drainage were not up to spec when needed. Land drainage has been messed up by land being built on without due regard for where the water flows. All made worse by those supposedly responsible for these and other issues appearing to have been unduly rewarded for not having done their jobs properly!

It is a trait of human nature that when we are injured in some way that we seek to blame someone and seek retribution. It is all part of the litigious culture we now exist in. Who can we sue? I am certainly all in favour of learning whatever lessons we can when things go wrong. I would advocate a stronger Resilience culture to dealing with crises and having better and stronger contingencies. Too much is left to chance. Churches are well placed in communities to head up Resilience planning. But what has happened over the last month is clearly quite exceptional.

The climate is doing some pretty wild things. We are I believe starting to bear the consequences of our actions with CO2 emissions and general disregard for our planet’s ecosystems. And let’s not expect God to put right what we are getting wrong. The general disturbances we are suffering from are all incremental, a bit here and a bit there. Each bit of extreme weather is seen as a freak, but they do seem to be increasing in regularity! The patterns are changing and it is becoming harder to explain them away as the mere natural rhythms of weather which occur over centuries.

We each need to do our little bit to be eco aware, but with governments failing to stem the overall CO2 emissions of industry we are probably destined for some pretty wild weather ahead! I know that although December has been warm and wet January and February can just as easily bring ice and snow. I am not putting my winter woollies away yet!