Daks over Normandy Eastbourne flypast was a fantastic display

From: Eve FrancisHurst Road

Friday, 14th June 2019, 11:13 am
D-Day 75th Anniversary -The legendary Dakota and Douglas DC-3 aircraft fly past over Beachy Head (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190606-104228001

As you have said thousands of people were at Beachy Head to watch this fantastic display.

However, the one thing I cannot understand is, with so many people there, why did the pub not have enough staff on duty to deal with such crowds and why they did not open their little cafe outside their front door?

The staff there ought to get a medal as they coped the best they could under such busy conditions.

People were queuing to get food and also something hot to drink – people were having to wait two hours 30 minutes over the allotted time and had not brought any food with them.

Also why did the council not think about sending some stalls up there to serve hot drinks and the likes of burgers or hot dogs ?

They certainly lost out on a lot of income.

Also there were no announcements set up to let people know what was going on.

Those that got the delayed news managed to let some people know.

We could not go anywhere to ask for news other than our mobile phones.

Being British we all stuck it out and waited for this wonderful event in very cold, cloudy, windy conditions.

Fortunately, the Beachy Head Visitor Centre was open and extremely busy.

People came in to look around, to buy water and sweets, which we sold out of, and for them to warm up a little before going out again.

A welcome sanctuary.

We all loved the fact that two of the planes gave the salute sign with their wings as they passed over and all of us cheered and waved back at them.

Such a lovely moment.

When it had all finished I have to say how calm and polite all those cars, motor homes, motorbikes and cycles acted in such an exodus.

So apart from extra outside catering supplies the event was just wonderful and it is hoped that the younger generation of today will have got an understanding of what all those men and women in the Forces did to secure our Freedom 75 years ago.