Could unused Eastbourne theatre be returned to the sorely missed Under Ground group?

From: Rukshana MasterGolden Miller Lane, Polegate

Friday, 6th September 2019, 10:54 am
Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne SUS-151109-104952001
Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne SUS-151109-104952001

I was shocked to read about the mess that the Performance Initiative Eastbourne have made after being allowed to take over the premises of the much loved, hugely successful and wonderful Under Ground Theatre that was so suddenly (and strangely) deprived of its lease.

As this new company has not even signed a lease, isn’t it very odd that the council are losing money and the premises are unused. Could they not be returned to the much esteemed and sorely missed Under Ground Theatre, which provided a brilliant programme of events, kept a vast number of Eastbourne residents and others happy and was so successfully run by dedicated volunteers for so many years, with good experience and a genuine feeling for the community?

Or would that be too easy? Or is there another agenda that we are all missing?

Please could you unravel this mystery?