Confusions over Eastbourne’s latest recycling plans

From: Terry DaviesSaffrons Park

Friday, 14th June 2019, 11:13 am
eastbourne recycling pic ENGSUS00120130718163526

I read Huw Oxburgh’s article entitled “Recycling collection changes due in Eastbourne” and checked the orange juice cartons in my fridge to see if they were Tetra Paks.

Eventually I discovered that they were Pure-Paks, which seem to be made of the same materials laminated together.

Both companies claim that their products are fully recyclable which I suppose is true if you have the right equipment.

The same being true of nuclear reactors.

Then I checked Eastbourne council’s recycling website, which was a complete waste of time. It is pathetic.

So I phoned East Sussex County Council as Huw’s article states that they will be responsible.

Eventually I found myself speaking to the people responsible for the recycling areas who had no idea what I was talking about, and pointed out that they were highways people and didn’t work for the council anyway – “we don’t do household recycling”.

I then phoned Eastbourne Council who also had no idea what I was talking about but eventually informed me that I could recycle Pure-Paks.

I find this hard to believe.