Concerned over misinformation on rail works

From: Eleanor DudleyTrinity Trees

Friday, 10th August 2018, 10:04 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:19 pm
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was very concerned by the misinformation on our MP Steven Lloyd article this week.

I was so alarmed that I contacted Network Rail to ask if all restrictions where off and could I travel via Ashford then on the high speed to St Pancras.

I was even more surprised when I was told that the planned works had been postponed till February 2019 on July 12 and this was on their network page .

Very confused where this misinformation had come from that had caused a great deal of stress to a lot of Eastbourne constituents.

I contacted the other two East Sussex MPs who confirmed the work had been postponed until February 2019 on July 12.

I have to ask who actually from Network Rail gave that misinformation to Mr Lloyd and asked that Grayling the Transport Minister investigates this on my behalf as a cardholder.

Mr Lloyd should have been given the correct information the same has Huw Merriman and Maria Caulfield by Network Rail.

The questions I have asked is who sent this briefing last week to Mr Lloyd with this wrong information and why the chief executive did not give Mr Lloyd the correct information when he received Mr Lloyd’s memo.

I also have to add that it would have taken little effort by Mr Lloyd’s team to ensure the information was correct before publishing it in the local paper.

We pay a hefty whack for our MP and his team to research these things properly – this work was sloppy.