Computer tips: creating new folders on your computer

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Folders are an ideal way to store and organise files on your computer and they are really easy to create. It is handy to have specific folders within the existing Documents and Pictures folders as it will help you to manage all of your files. It is similar to having a filing cabinet where you can separate documents into categories, or by date.

There is no limit to the number of folders you can create and you can even store folders inside other folders. The folders created inside other folders are often referred to as subfolders.

You can practise creating folders by following some simple steps. To create a new folder, you will need to navigate to the location where you would like the folder to be stored. This could be on the desktop or within an existing folder such as My Documents.

Next, you should right-click a blank area on the desktop or in the folder window and select New, and then click Folder. You will be able to type a name for the new folder. If there are folders you often use, force them to the top of the file list by naming them with an A or AA at the beginning of the name.

Once you have named the folder you will need to press Enter. The new folder you have created will appear in the location you selected.

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